Gear Review – Combat Boots for Walking

Review of my Haix High Liability Army Surplus Combat Boots for long distance walking and bushcraft.


Purchased 2018-Still in use.


When I started out walking and adventuring I had no boots, only trainers. I wanted some boots that were budget friendly (sub £50) and reliable. Next, I wasn’t bothered about weight, or style or looks. After spending a while researching and became slightly obsessed with the idea of using military specification equipment. When I was younger I had an ambition to be in the armed forces, but didn’t have the confidence to make an application. I also worried my glasses would disallow me. Oh well, One life, never regret!

Research into combat boots

Initial research on bushcraft forums showed that a lot of people were recommending the Haix High Liability Combat Boot. They were good for bushcraft and

New they are around £150 from Haix and used they seem to run from £40-£60. I managed to source a pair on e-bay for £35 used (bargain), and named as belonging to “Kennedy”. I bought size 8, and really should have gone up as size to 9, as when I have 2 pairs of socks on they are snug.


The first year

The first year I wore them I did no maintenace to them. After a disasterous winter walk in early 2019, I used Dubbin and wax to cover all of the fabric areas and the leather and this really did make the completely waterproof. I now do this twice a year, before and after the winter period. A little bit of TLC goes a long way!


Overall I’m really happy with the boot as a winter walker, I would probably add some crampons for higher work in the mountains. Then I would need an ice axe and some extra training on ice arrests and going into snowy conditions.

There is definitely a need to get some lighter summer boots for summer expeditions, probably something cheap from Decathalon or maybe another e-bay find.

I really like these boots, they are solid, if a bit heavy but once treated properly stand up to amazing abuse.

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