Lowland Leader Training

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Lowland Leader Training

In November 2019 I started the process of completing my Lowland Leader Training with Mountain Training. The Lowland Leader Qualification will to allow me to lead groups on day walks in lowland country and woodland in summer conditions.


This was an over-night course so I was able to travel down the night before and stay nearby. The place I was completing my training was near Chorley in Lancashire. Approx a 3.5 hour drive from beautiful County Durham.


I’ve never been to Lancashire before, and only really knew about the hotpot (yum). It reminds me very much of Yorkshire and the weather in the North West was comfortingly familiar and wet like the North East often is.


We used a range of different skills while on the training, such as route planning, group management, navigation, and guiding techniques.


One of my first problems was I left my light waterproof jacket at home and only had my cheap Decathlon padded jacket that was passably waterproof. My emergency poncho, but this had a hole in it. Needless to say the first day was damp for me. I’ve since bought a new Tresspass Waterproof that is amazing (review post to follow). The other that would have been useful was some gaiters as the ground was ‘reet clarty (very muddy).


We walked 2 days around the Ribble Valley area, it was a very interesting area with some interesting features, but I couldn’t help think that County Durham has equally if more interesting history, that I need to learn more about.


The training was really enjoyable and made me feel confident about most aspects of what was covered. I met some really nice people and had a great time in the outdoors. I think that’s the point if it!


  1. Get a proper waterproof jacket – Done
  2. Learn about and be able to identify and explain the local flora and fauna
  3. Learn about and be able to explain more about the Local History of the area
  4. Complete 10 more Qualifying Walks that are Quality Lowland Days

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