Where I am now – Update

Time for an update

To help you understand my journey I need to update you on some of the progress I have made this year and where I am now.

I’ve started to complete my Lowland Leader qualification which will help me in a part of my day job as a teacher leading Duke of Edinburgh groups.

I am building up my Quality Lowland Days and practicing my navigation in a variety of different ways.

I have also had a small splurge on kit and want to go through some of this, and explain my reasons, thoughts and recommendation update.

Some intermediary walks in County Durham have been planned to help prepare me for full Durham Round. Whenever that may be!

I have some smaller goals to complete first as well. These are things like walking and camping the length of the Weardale Way. Walking and camping the disused railway lines in County Durham, and walking and camping the Hadrians Wall Path. Maybe even a foray into Scotland to complete The Great Glen way. Basically the more I research long distance hiking the more challenges I want to take on.

Where I am now and next

Creating some good content for this blog is also a priority. One reason is to keep a record of my own activities. Another is to share ideas with other people and to inspire people to get out and re-connect with their local environment.

The longer I spend walking, camping and just generally being outside the more I see how Hippocrates said “Nature itself is the best physician”. Because it is, even just spending time outside is good for you and your mental health.

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